All work here was created on a Data General Eclipse and a Raster Graphics 9000.  The graphics were all vector graphics.  All graphics are animated, and often took 3 to 5 days to create.  I tore my Super8 camera apart, built a digital controller, and took single frame shots spanning several days.  

Starfighter 1977

Mothra 1977

First Hierarchical construct

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Isotactic Sulfonated Polystyrene 1977


Space Station 23 - 1977

Inspired by 2001

Space Station 23 - 1977

Inspired by 2001

Date: 1977-1979

Software: SKY3D by SRKeith

Hardware: Data General Eclipse, Raster Graphics 9000

Title: see under caption

I showed these animations to George Lucas, Gary Kurtz and Francis Ford Coppola in my search to do work in CG in the Film Industry.